Many people are interested in the weather for a variety of reasons including its impact on their work, safety during severe weather, recreation and simple curiosity. This All Weather Is Good bibliography attempts to provide a wide variety of books about the weather and climate for high school students and adults who are fascinated by weather.

This is not a comprehensive, all-inclusive bibliography of weather resources. There are many wonderful books about the weather that are not included in All Weather Is Good. Rather, an attempt was made to create a balanced list of resources that are scientifically accurate, interesting to read, understandable to the general public, representative of all aspects of weather and climate, and easy to obtain through school and public libraries.

The librarian at the National Weather Center Library prepared the bibliography and list of websites with input and help from many National Weather Center meteorologists. The National Weather Center houses faculty, students and researchers in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, as well as researchers and staff at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasters and researchers in several offices including the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Weather Forecast Office, Storm Prediction Center, Weather Decision Training Branch and the Applications Branch of the Radar Operations Center.

Primary funding for this project came from a 2007-2008 Carnegie-Whitney Award from the American Library Association. The University of Oklahoma and the various research entities in the National Weather Center also helped to support this undertaking.

People here at the National Weather Center find weather endlessly fascinating. We hope that many people will find the resources listed here enjoyable and interesting to read and will increase their knowledge of the weather and climate around them.